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These stencils are free for download and use have been created for use with OmniGraffle. They're optimised for version 3.0 and up, but will also work with version 2.0 onwards - just replace the ".gstencil" in the filename with ".graffle. If you have any neat ideas for how we can improve them, we'd love to hear from you - drop us a line.

Flow map shapes

Flow Map Shapes

We make flow maps daily to visually represent how users move through a system. We find that maps which depict screens and the results of user actions from those screens are easier for our clients to understand than the long text-heavy documents usually produced during the definition phase of most large web site projects. Most people simply can't visualise what all that text actually translates to.

This stencil and the example files below will have you on the fast track to creating great looking flow maps that clients understand at a glance.

Shapes and example file courtesy Matt Leacock, Bryce Glass and Rich Fulcher

Block diagram shapes

Block Diagram Shapes

Block diagrams are simpler process diagrams that are used to depict online processes. One diagram represents one process, for instance, registration. Block diagrams can be used to very quickly define how a certain task or process is completed online. The diagram depicts each step in the process with all the pages and conditions relevant to that task or process.

Shapes and example file courtesy Matt Leacock, Bryce Glass and Rich Fulcher

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